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Booking a puppy  : The booking of our puppies preferably occurs at our kennel, and always after knowledge and mutual evaluation. The reservation is confirmed by paying the deposit of 1500 Euros as guarantee. The total cost of a puppy is 3000 Euros.

The choice of the puppy by the future owners can be made when puppies are 60 days old and following the order of the list of reservations.

Delivery of the puppy: The delivery of the puppy  takes place in the kennel, because it is necessary to undersign and delivery some documents. The puppy will be delivered to the owner and we will give him all the information necessary for the future health (mental and physical) of the puppy. Upon delivery of the puppy is required to pay the final balance. Please note that our puppies are delivered not before the 90 days of life and include the following documentation :

1. Health card / passport attesting first vaccinations and veterinary treatment performed or to be performed at intervals.

2. Microchip and registration by country’s dog registry

3. Visit of veterinary to check breathing and joints

4. Certificate of Pure Breed / Pedigree LOSM (shipped when ready)

5. Puppy Kit with food  dry / wet and various accessories for the correct transport and insertion of the puppy in the new environment.

For persons living outside EU, the puppy must be vaccinated against rabies before pass the border. Vaccination can be made not earlier than 3 months of age and the trip can begin 21 days after the vaccinations. It means at least 3 months and 21 days of age. These are international EU rules.