Tosa Inu Kennel

FCI and KCSM recognized


Serravalle (Rep. San Marino)

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KCSM (Kennel Club San Marino) and FCI recognized

The history

The kennel TISAMA TOSA KEN (Tosa Inu SAn MArino) is located in San Marino, the smallest and oldest Republic of the world (dates back to 301 A.D., with 30.000 inhabitants and an area of 61 square kilometers). Taking advantage of all the good things seen in a lot of kennels all around Europe, precautions, the distinctive characteristics of individual breeders, the procedures used by those who held this job for many years, together with my personal experience (started in 1973), it was possible to “build” a structure in terms of cutting-edge architecture and management. Thanks to the results achieved over the past years, all the subjects of our kennel are multi-titled champions. Today the kennel TISAMA TOSA KEN has earned a lot of national and international champion titles. The transparency in communication and publication of information and results is one of the salient features of the kennel. Current information about show results earned is duly updated at the internet web site and social networks.

The management, maintenance and training

To manage a kennel in a professional manner, thesis shared by anyone with minimal training and experience, you need not only a lot of time, patience and perseverance, but also inevitably the availability in case of need of competent and qualified professionals from outside that are able to assist the owner when necessary, providing all their experience. I refer to the Veterinary Center “Gai-Giannotti” located in Dogana (Rep. San Marino), that for any doubt or need is always available with home visits to resolve any kind of problem, from medical advices to any veterinary surgical procedure. In San Marino there is not a large number of Tosa Inu registered at the dog’s registry. So the veterinary center, to be prepared and documented specifically on this race, has dedicated a lot of time to research and study all the characteristics of the Tosa, increasing so much their knowledge that they can be considered one of the best specialized center within 7-800 km. Now we can speak of another essential figure for growth of dogs temperamentally healthy, stable and balanced: I refer to Mr. Benito Maccan, breeder and expert dog trainer with over thirty years of experience in the field. At his training camp (for free) you can bring the puppies between 3 and 6 months of age to get the needful socialization with other dogs. His center is open all year long and his reputation in terms of experience and skill is renowned throughout Italy. He is also the one in charge of collective training of the dogs from 6 months to one year old, to obtain obedience even in “critical” situations. In fact it is not enough to teach your dogs with the «standard» commands at home. It is instead necessary to be able to bring the dog to obey in presence of other dogs, with other people, and in places other than their own. So this figure as dog trainer expert, other than the owner, is essential. He, with great patience and excellent knowledge of the Tosa, is the third piece of the entities that makes up the members needed for a good, proper and healthy development of a kennel.

Space and structures

To be able to hold many dogs, is not enough to have a big house. It would be unthinkable to be able to hold a fifteen Tosa “free” in the living room. So, few years ago, have been built a terrace, with insulated material both laterally and superiorly, electric floor heating coils with adjustable thermostat (up to 28° C) so to withstand even the most hard winter and remove humidity from the floor during the transit’s seasons (spring and autumn). Outside it every dog has about 25 square meters of free space, partly covered with a canopy so that it is protected from wind and rain. During the day the dogs, because of their good character, are free to play together in the vast garden of over 6500 square meters, surrounded by fruit trees and olive trees.

Dog shows & training

Within recent years our dogs partecipated at several dog shows. I think it goes without saying, especially if the reader has worked in this area, to participate in dozens and dozens of dog shows every year, is not something simple and without sacrifices (even without considering the economic aspect).

To have the dogs get used to the exhibitions, we have created an outdoor area of 12 x 12 meters. This is concrete-made, covered with synthetic grass, to simulate the ring of exhibitions. In this way, with weekly training, the dogs learn to march, to run in the ring, to position and to behave properly. So when they are on shows, they do not face anything new if not for people with other dogs never seen before; however, are already accustomed to this during the course of collective training.

The simulated ring and the external field have a good lighting system to allow the exercises at any time during the day. Everything has been well studied and planned in detail long before the creation. I think that programming and planning are the basis for obtaining good results.

Enrico Drudi
Owner and manager of Tisama Tosa Ken